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AGF / >if*true~time[x]1+2=you.\< [2016]

[Label: AGF Producktion | Cat#: AGF Pro 021]
  1. >if*true~time[x]1+2=you.\< (4:30)
  2. time, time, time (2:10)
  3. greim x93 (4:36)


  1. thank u February 28, 2016

    thank u

  2. Coach Dumfi February 29, 2016

    Using a combination of fuzzy logic and tensor calculus along theoretical five dimensional physics and letting AGF = the number of seconds lived in this life and applied to the equation,: AGF / >if*true~time[x]1+2=you.\< [2016] it is possible to predict the number of seconds you left in this life. Skeptics are wary maintaining that such an equation is an invasion into a cheap brand of futurism or determinism. Try it.

  3. The Nihilist March 1, 2016


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