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Animal Collective / Painting With [2016]

[Label: Domino | Cat#: WIG362D]
  1. FloriDada (4:05)
  2. Hocus Pocus (3:16)
  3. Vertical (4:14)
  4. Lying in the Grass (3:34)
  5. The Burglars (2:43)
  6. Natural Selection (2:41)
  7. Bagels in Kiev (2:48)
  8. On Delay (3:48)
  9. Spilling Guts (1:58)
  10. Summing the Wretch (3:08)
  11. Golden Gal (4:41)
  12. Recycling (4:06)


  1. nosebleed February 15, 2016


  2. snipe February 15, 2016

    “Why don’t you sit this one out Deakin.”

    – Panda & Geologist

  3. Mr. Frog February 15, 2016

    oh shit… geo’s gonna have my legs broke :(

  4. :) February 15, 2016

    Oh this pseudo-experimental band for hipster-wannabe is still alive ?

    • The Unbearable Repartee February 15, 2016

      Yes, your favorite band is still around.

    • l February 15, 2016

      still better than that kenye shit

      • Storung February 15, 2016

        TOTALLY… fuck that tool!

      • NedCluck February 15, 2016

        Kayne West new album hits the mark, a new approach to the Hip Hop genre and all of the bashing (jealousy) in the world will not kill sales. He’s got it, the bashers and haters don’t, What a pity.

        • George February 15, 2016

          Kanye has a new approach? Auto-tune crap…

      • :) February 15, 2016

        Not a fan of Kanye West, but still better than your indie shit for CrAzY iNdIe kIdZzZzZz lel chek my tumblr 2 see how I am alt n indie xD

        • mirek February 16, 2016

          you are so edgy. let me guess, you are 18 or under?

          • :) February 16, 2016

            24 actually

      • The Love-Matic Grampa February 16, 2016

        Kanye is on some next level hipster-celebrity hip hop shit.

    • ApocalypticBoredom February 15, 2016

      Hipster status confirmed.

  5. RORY February 15, 2016

    oh enough of this hipster claim… I was into them WELL before they were big! (while many of you were probably strawjammers or bearsong bitchers or feels0rs or maybe god damn sung tongers I was a Native American! … ringing that Naïve Belle of the Southern Gothik Ball… danse against humanity!

    • Jp February 15, 2016

      Yeah, I’m losing my edge.
      I’m losing my edge.
      The kids are coming up from behind.
      I’m losing my edge.
      I’m losing my edge to the kids from France and from London.
      But I was there.

      I was there in 1968.
      I was there at the first Can show in Cologne.
      I’m losing my edge.
      I’m losing my edge to the kids whose footsteps I hear when they get on the decks.
      I’m losing my edge to the Internet seekers who can tell me every member of every good group from 1962 to 1978.
      I’m losing my edge.

  6. Pee Baby February 15, 2016

    Smells like stale pee

  7. Mau-Dee February 16, 2016

    So this actually any good? Worth the down load. (spare me the hipster versus Hip Hop crap) Actual music thoughts please ;)

    • LanceBiff February 16, 2016

      A pharmaceutical Mogol wanted to buy the album (and all property rights to the recording) for ten million dollars, thereby securing the record for himself only and no one else. Kanye approached Mark Zuckerberg and ask for a one billion dollar loan..Kanye maintains that he is $153 million in the red. Who knows what the truth is because Kanye’s behavior is pretty erratic, the life of the famous and rich or once rich. Mainstream media is coming down hard on the lyrics for Pablo, misogony being a central theme. Aside from the lyrics being hateful towards women, the record spins pretty well and is a must have. A lot of hype though.

    • - February 16, 2016

      You might wanna go to youtube and check if any tracks in this album has been uploaded or elsewhere in the web… or just dl & listen to it… whatever you do, DO NOT go to pitchfork for comments.

  8. little rock February 16, 2016

    no surprises, you will like it if you liked their previous albums

  9. ROLF! February 16, 2016

    Hipster Hop! Queer Slam Slop…

    Free the Deek dot com!

  10. manu February 18, 2016


  11. Leptodicktalus March 3, 2016

    I’m just here for the comments.

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