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Christian Naujoks / Your Contribution [2016]

[Label: Martin Hossbach | Cat#: CABACH1]
  1. Wonderland (2:54)
  2. Unsung (3:14)
  3. Bonez (5:52)
  4. Bonez (Physical Therapy Softcore Mix) (5:55)
  5. Bonez (Physical Therapy Drum Tool) (5:03)


  1. kxmunv February 14, 2016

    i had a lot of fun reading this cover art.

  2. Mr.Clean February 14, 2016

    I enjoyed the authors writing as well. What is better. analogue tape or digital? Would like to know. I do agree with the writer that typewriters should be defunct, useless things that are difficult to operate and set.

    • I February 14, 2016

      An in-depth conclusion that opens new vistas for all of us faithful believers of nodata.

  3. The Ghost of Michael Jackson February 15, 2016

    this clumsy neckbeard

  4. Jake Jake February 17, 2016

    unfortunate that he applied his creativity to making a narrow, dickish and entirely subjective point shared by almost no one, since that’s the most fervent view of the re-emergence of cassettes I’ve ever read.
    just sayin.

    • LA February 17, 2016

      I read it as someone being “ironic”… Impossible that a pianist would diss analog tape — but everyone’s so jaded and knows it all in this here information age so his stance is you gotta be clever to be reckoned by the suckers. I’d rather not be patronized but whacha gonna do.

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