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Samuel Kerridge / Fatal Light Attraction [2016]

[Label: Downwards | Cat#: DNSKER02]
  1. FLA·1 (7:18)
  2. FLA·2 (5:18)
  3. FLA·3 (6:18)
  4. FLA·4 (5:39)
  5. FLA·5 (4:17)
  6. FLA·6 (4:39)
  7. FLA·7 (5:29)


  1. sick of fans ticks February 12, 2016

    enjoyable tunes or digging holes

    • sick of fans ticks February 12, 2016

      for… oh fuck it. i thought this release was shit when I scanned through it with my mouse. but when i listened to it with my ears in a consecutive manor i found it to be a good listen.

      god, even my own reviews bore me.

      • bob hoskins February 12, 2016

        I kinda feel thats the problem with most point n click listeners these days, busy clicking though tracks whilst several other albums download in the background.

        • Shirt February 13, 2016

          You are so right, look at us, no different that pillagers after the collapse of a once powerful and strong state.

          • Fiddlesticks February 14, 2016

            Or just spoiled, over-mediated, uncreative first-world idiots with all the ennui that comes with taken-for-granted ennui.

      • S. Garrity Braithwaite February 12, 2016

        Wow, look at Michael Bloomberg here, with your consecutive manor right next to your main 50 acre estate that you only use for listening to industrial electronic music. I bet you have a separate mansion for each genre all in a row that you drive to in your Maserati while you sip Perrier out of a Venetian glass chalice. Yeah, I bet you bought this release on Discogs at an over-inflated asking price just for the hell of it. Me, I could barely afford a studio apartment in Hunts Point. I spend over an hour taking the 6 to SoHo so I can beg for scraps outside Nobu.

        • Pee Baby February 12, 2016

          Amen! Its like peeing with your pants on, I mean, come on!

        • Shirt February 12, 2016

          You will be in our thoughts and prayers S. Garrity Brathwaite, times are tough and the energy of the mass consciousness is weary. Stay inside your head, follow good impulses only, and if you cannot differentiate the chasm between good and evil, then seek psychiatric care. It nothing to be ashamed of. TheClearLight

          • Anonymous February 12, 2016

            The olde strange behavioral pattern of writing comments under many different nicknames, sometimes even carrying on a “conversation” of sorts with oneself… lonely souls indeed

        • Peak of The Sacred February 13, 2016

          BUY & OWN THE RECORDS YOU LIKE – Buddha said to humanity.
          When i moved out my parent’s house I was living in fu$k&ng Caledonian Road and it was something sad. From my room’s window i watched squatters with 3 tents on the roof of a building (it was my live action Sims – very enjoyable when i was high on my absolutely non-natural drugs)… sometimes towards the end of the months i would just stay in for whole weeks and eat bananas & eggs (cheapest food) because i always saved my money for records.
          Just buy the records, if you like them.

          Btw i don’t like Kerridge, he plays good live gigs but the records are dumb

          but i managed to buy all the records i wanted, if it was the case, i would stay in.

          • Shirt February 13, 2016

            Peak Of The Sacred rearing a spiritual eye out at the rest of us (the truly pathetic and self serving. Our greed keeps us running, afraid and with guilty consciousness that only fuels our criminal behavior.

          • App----------- February 14, 2016

            >Btw i don’t like Kerridge, he plays good live gigs but the records are dumb

            Except for A Fallen Empire I think the same thing. I don’t know why I’m already excited to hear a new Kerridge release but it’s most of the time bland. Contrary to his live performances which are always excellent.

          • SeanceInterrupterG7/minDiminshed9th February 14, 2016

            Let us set the record straight, ANONYMOUS has pity for those who hide behind different monikers on this sight carrying on pathetic conversations with ourselves behind these assortment of monikers. ANONYMOUS feels the strange alienation, loneliness,that is on exhibit here on NoDataT,V. A Lonely Hearts Club if you insist, but it should be noted that all thoughts are nothing more than conversations with the inner-self. A self narrative that carries us from one moment to the next, an organic guide map running a complex system of inductive and deductive logic and reasoning. Twentieth Century Philosophy dismisses the idea of the soul as antiquated and silly. The Mind’s Eye = The Antiquated Soul. There is nothing pathetic about thought or how it is expressed as long as it is a precursor towards the greater good, and not an entity that leads to hatred or disharmony.

  2. noname February 12, 2016


  3. thank u February 12, 2016

    thank u!

  4. sick of fans ticks February 12, 2016

    was hoping for 320 as I already
    ripped of this off the stream

    release this on CD you hipster monkey

  5. - February 12, 2016

    Is he in any way related to… Samuel Coleridge?

  6. :) February 13, 2016

    Fucking great

    • Industriale February 13, 2016

      I actually suggested to a couple of friends running their own labels (that are ripped here but i won’t say who they are … muhuhuhuahah) to give away high quality mp3s for free, as soon as their releases are available for sale. Why ? It’s the perfect way to spread it but the main reason is : music lovers that loved that record, will just need their copy on vinyl. Of course this doesn’t apply to peopele with financial issues – but i bet, they would buy it if they had the money and that is crucial
      Of course digital downloads are a honest way to buy music but extremely alien to me – when i open my wallet i need to feel the wax in my hand.

      Obviously i wasn’t referring to this one – Kerridge sucks imho.

      • Simone Zaza February 13, 2016

        I don’t believe people here are trying to skim $$ from the artists, but simply getting an idea of what’s out there currently, in this case in terms of electronic/techno/dance/experimental and sometimes indie type stuff. It’s a double-edge sword type thing, obviously some artists lose out on sales but how do they get their name out otherwise? There are a kazillion albums coming out daily, if you want to drum up some word of mouth attention/reaction this site is a good conduit for it.

  7. yipster February 14, 2016

    totally different beast when played really fuckin’ loud in my SUV. listening to it on the headphones in front of my tv as I write stupid dot dot dot comments don’t do it justice.
    and yes i would love to buy it if it wasn’t on bloody vinyl, not that i have a problem with vinyl but spreading it over 4 sides is just ridiculous….

    • noname February 14, 2016

      you can buy mp3, Flac, or wav’s from boomkat

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