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Money / Suicide Songs [2016]

Bella Union

01. I Am The Lord 06:21
02. I’m Not Here 04:07
03. You Look Like A Sad Painting On Both Sides Of The Sky 03:37
04. Night Came 08:33
05. Suicide Song 02:04
06. Hopeless World 03:38
07. I’ll Be The Night 04:49
08. All My Life 06:27
09. A Cocaine Christmas and An Alcholic’s New Year 04:06


  1. TheClearLight February 10, 2016

    Money juxtaposed to songs of suicide is an inescapable lesson in life. People take their lives for all sorts of different reasons and money or lack thereof is one of them. Some people are good at collecting and documenting the flow of cash in modern society, others simply have no idea how to make it. Artist pursue their talent flow and usually end up in the poorhouse. It seems that in todays world the worst artist are the ones receiving an insurmountable amount of recognition (watch the Super Bowel halftime performance) and hence, tons of cash. I will never understand why this is, the least talented get the most material goods. Remember though, that is all they are, rich and untalented with nothing to offer anyone except their obscene self-indulgent lives. Their souls have already left their bodies. This observations also serves the so called film industry where talentless thugs like Leo DiCaprio and other comely looking mugs dominant the screen. Please people, turn your head the other way and do not listen to their music or watch their grotesque films or television series. There is a clear light at the end of this pathway.

  2. Shirt February 10, 2016

    Probably from your stupid assed looking face. That is my guess because I don’t know is righting this stuff, and you are the only other person in the room so it must be from your dumb assed face.

  3. useless advices February 11, 2016

    use a f*cking blog mate, stop write here

  4. Michelle February 11, 2016

    TCL has some value and shouldn’t need to run and hide because you find those sentences unsettling, after all, this isn’t CNN. In December of 2000 I was crossing Sunset Blvd. with a friend in the crosswalk and was almost run over by L.DiC.’s gold SUV, one more step and I would be dead and he would be behind bars without a film career. I had played basketball with him earlier in the Summer and recognized the SUV, and his stupid face as he gunned the engine into the crosswalk. In 2007 I said hello to Ellen while hiking at Runyon Park, she spit on the ground and kept walking. T.C.L. is correct in warning society about the toxicity of these Hollywood fat cats. They are soulless and live opulent lifestyles only for themselves, They care nothing about anyone else.

  5. CoachDumfi February 11, 2016

    TheClearLight should stop writing here, I was banned myself for my attempts at writing here and now have two broken legs to show for it. Cyberbullies hiding behind a maze of Drone Techno Ambient Synth Post Punk Pre-Mathematical Rock Reggae Experimental Electronic Folk Vapor Wave etc. et. al. NoDataT.V. is a lovely site posting the best music in the world, too bad that our first amendment rights have dwindled to the bare bone.

    • Eurovision Song Contest Winner February 11, 2016

      Your America-centrism is showing. Why do you assume the First Amendment applies here? Are you assuming that nodata is based in the US?

  6. Shirt February 11, 2016

    Your sentence structure is good with only misspelled word in this sentence: Why do you assume the First Amendment applies here? How do you like them apples? It doesn’t apples here.

  7. CoachDumfi February 11, 2016

    Thank you for the correction Eurovision Song Contest Winner, I made a mistake assuming that N.D. is U.S. based. It never dawned on me that this wonderful music site might be streaming from across the pond, or down under, or up and over Outer space? No no no. One thing I would like to clarify is this: let us say that you N.D. is coming from North Korea or China or Syria or Iraq or even Putin’s Russia (these are all places where writing or saying words will get you killed. Can we agree that freedom of speech is a good thing for all societies should strive for? Even here in the U.S. in West Hollywood California which is predominantly counter culture and liberal there are to this day hate crimes being committed against Gay people. Being gay means challenging the accepted norm of the Far Religious Right, free to choose liberty in our sexuality is another form of free speech. ISIS throws gay people out of high-rise buildings. State your point more precisely and I will respond. Peace Out

  8. Mr. Frog February 12, 2016

    being gay… that’s another reason people end up killing themselves… or trans but they feel they will never pass / it’ll fuck their entire life up and they’ll lose wife kids friends jobs etc… even if they DO transition they often still end up killing themselves or killed by someone else or a life of feeling like they’ll never fit in anywhere… not truly… but had they not pulled the pin they would have lived a life of quiet (or not so quiet) desperation depression… a ticking time bomb… they never had a choice (choose life!) [I was spotting those trains / trans!]

    • - February 12, 2016

      Are you suggesting coach dumfy is an old queen considering offing himself?
      that would explain a lot of his rambling nonsense, indeed we shoulda known it was a cry for help. thankfully, there’s aslways nodata with its free comment section to allow him to decompress in what he thinks it’s a creative outlet. Go nadata, you are saving lives!!!

  9. Shirt February 13, 2016

    I know The Coach, he is not an “old queen”…a young one actually. He has never mentioned checking out of this plane that we have evolved from, this great big rock flying around in orbit, the corral reef of our cosmos. You should know that Mr. Frog’s response to Dumfi might have no more purport than the Man Sitting Across The Street in the Melrose Barber Shop emoting in dialect with the smart or the trivial being gnawed over in between little snippets with the scissors pretending to cut hair that is no longer there. Besides, your gay-phobia doesn’t play in modern society anymore. You are the bad guys.

  10. Mr. Frog February 13, 2016

    T-Shurt (in a damn skirt!): who ARE you guys?
    Benji: we’re the GOOD GUYS, mikehell…

    Emerson, Loch Gravenhurst & Amanda Palm her

    whiskey screaming drink me drink me!

    • T February 13, 2016


  11. dbjandxt February 13, 2016

    this is wonderful, someone should start creating “Shits Nodata Says”

  12. Douche Comfy February 13, 2016

    An Oxford debate + TBI = this

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