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David Toop / Life on the Inside [2016]

Sub Rosa

01. Life on the Inside (32:14)


  1. Shirt February 10, 2016

    See that blue light? Something is adrift up there: a dying man, a decaying soul. You can feel that low hum of depression all the way down here at the street level. Solitude = Loneliness

    • 5meo February 10, 2016

      Solitude only equals loneliness if you are an insecure fool.

  2. LoveComesFromTheHeart February 10, 2016

    An insecure fool seeks approval from others (usually idiots who pretend that they are not insecure) who are like them. You can see this drunken clowns packing into the bars on Santa Monica Boulevard during the heat of the day, sipping fu fu drinks that cost fourteen dollars or more. They talk loud (due to their own hidden personal insecurities) because yapping out loud and guffawing like hyenas on meth. is the only assurance in this life that allows them to think that they really have purport. Believe me, they don’t. They are nothing more than inflated body bags with big mouths. Soulless entities whose spiritually is a non-essence. Walk on bye as they cackle at you. These demons have no import in this life, nor the next life and so on and so forth. Find strength in your quiet solitude and listen to your own conscious because these people are without.

    • Club of Rome February 12, 2016

      Shit poet logic.

  3. Fiddlesticks February 11, 2016


  4. Nacho CHete February 13, 2016

    Oye los pavos estos que escriben los comentarios de aqui son todos drogaditos no? Hay que ver que peñazos escriben, son unos autenticos nihilistas, como Flea en la de Big Lewosky o qué? No creo que se lean lo que escriben ni sus perversas putas madres!

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