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Twins / Standard Of Truth [2015]

[Label: Crimes Of The Future | Cat#: COTF 010]
  1. Cause Of Dissociation (5:19)
  2. You Take Too (9:21)
  3. You Take Too (Scott Fraser Remix) (7:24)
  4. A Way From Now (6:25)


  1. GoingDark February 7, 2016

    In the future, crimes committed by planet Earth’s denizens will be thought crimes only. Guns will have long been banished from all society’s so there will no longer be gun violence. Hate crimes and sex crimes will be stopped at the neural transmission stage (our thoughts) before humans can act. Does the future look bright? Not really, because .75 percent of Panet Earth’s denizens will be behind bars. Thought police invading all of our thoughts and even our dreamscapes will be monitored. Walk in step and turn of your thoughts!

  2. Jake Jake February 16, 2016

    fucking . dmg files

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