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Teeel / Montage Scene [2016]

1. Viking’s Breath (04:31)
2. Cobra Bite (03:02)
3. Phatty Burrito (03:48)
4. Chug & Run (03:18)
5. Whiskey Business (03:05)
6. \M/etal (03:45)
7. Cooking With Gasoline (02:44)
8. Rainbow Deathtrap (04:44)
9. Flattop Villian (02:49)
10. Late For Tennis (03:39)
11. Cream City (02:14)
12. Paper Mache Unicorn (02:22)


  1. fishdick February 3, 2016

    wow.. this artwork alone is…groundbreaking.

  2. Going Dark February 3, 2016

    You are kidding, right?

  3. oingo boingo February 4, 2016


  4. Dont Hooray, be Hrrry February 4, 2016

    So, Madonna and Def Lepard had a trans son/daughter?

  5. mirek February 4, 2016

    nice synthwave cover (and music)

  6. barry teel February 4, 2016

    ey guys! I released a new electrowave album today called “Montage Scene”! I took a step away from the traditional Teeel pop songs and wanted to go out of my comfort zone. This aggressive 12-track instrumental album was created during the time I completed my sample pack “Retro Wave” for the company Loopmasters. I listen to so much electro and synthwave music, I wanted to take a stab at writing a full album. This “pay what want” album will help fund the next TEEEL release (vinyl), new shirts, stickers and more. Enjoy and feel free to share this with the whole family! Guitars by Stephen Chladniček Photography by Albert Rende and Farrah DeMorte is the model featured. Enjoy!

    • - February 4, 2016

      “I listen to so much electro and synthwave music…” that’s an outstanding endeavor, sir!

  7. GoingDark February 4, 2016

    Yo Berry. Keep the lights on, there is never enough music in this world.

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