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Yearning Kru / Copper Vale [2016]

[Label: Planet Mu | Cat#: ZIQ371]
  1. Tslasher (1:30)
  2. Tin Man (7:13)
  3. Apple Dredger (3:50)
  4. Relisher (2:48)
  5. Sarnath (4:23)
  6. Freckles on the Pain Amplifier (2:45)
  7. A Chapel Under Static (6:20)
  8. Mesa Gate (7:14)
  9. Multipass (7:33)


  1. nosebleed January 20, 2016

    fucking yes mate
    this and brood ma will be a perfect start to the year

  2. CoachDumfi January 21, 2016

    Music, exceptional, artwork, significant. T.y. NoDataTv

  3. freud January 21, 2016

    Such lavish praise as it’s being cast by internationally recognized arbiters of fashion and the arts as nosebleed and dumfi must not be ignored. I will proceed to listen to what undoubtedly will be the most poignant and life-affirming yet slighly raucous sounds this year by the Yearnig Kru ensemble here. Thank you!

    • SignINthenSingOUT January 25, 2016

      El Sigmund has a cognitive radius of twenty five billion light years. This is to say that he can compile sense datum streaming from a significant portion of the universe, process this information cognitively and reduce it to good judgment, Bless Freud and his/her id and ego.

  4. kiuzz January 21, 2016


  5. Peak of The Sacred January 22, 2016

    20 years old kids still listening to idm

    • memories of il nono January 22, 2016

      Sir, I am a 68 year old man, and I find it offensive that you label this recording “idm”. These are grave times that have befallen our nation, and your loutish taunting and name-calling is inappropriate and boorish.

  6. Ching Ching January 22, 2016

    this is straight shite

    • = January 23, 2016

      With an emphasis on “shite”

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