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Frits Wentink / Horses in Cornfield [2016]

Bobby Donny / BODO003

1. Horses In Cornfield (6:25)
2. Girls In Matching Bathing Suits (2:56)
3. Man At Parade (5:52)
4. Bouquet At Rest (6:38)

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  1. Bubber January 18, 2016

    Ole Frits Wanting knows about the Horses in the Cornfield, check it out, he is big enough to eat the entire crop of corn along with the horses. In his single room dwelling that features cheap paper lamp shades he sneaks off into a dark corner somewhere with his laptop and studies photos of girls in matching bathing suits, a pervert? Who knows. That stupid red ball cap that he marches around in never leaves his skull; a bouquet of sorts at rest.. Mean at heart, sturdy and young, Ole Fritz wears a goofy scowl that matches that of Trumps. A week ago a man at a parade for goofballs tried to rip Ole Frits; red had off the top of his head. Fritz hunted this thief down amidst the crowded streets of redneck hillbilly goofballs in downtown Nebraska, kicked the man in the shins and recovered his red hat. Now, we can all rest in peace, knowing that retribution is the only manner in which to deal with crooked street hillbilly goofballs.

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