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Tiga / No Fantasy Required [2016]

[Label: Counter Records | Cat#: COUNT080]
  1. No Fantasy Required (4:33)
  2. Make Me Fall in Love (5:41)
  3. 3 Rules (3:02)
  4. Having So Much Fun (2:56)
  5. Tell Me Your Secret (4:28)
  6. Always (4:34)
  7. Planet E (3:20)
  8. Plush (6:40)
  9. Bugatti (5:20)
  10. Don’t Break My Heart (3:49)
  11. Blondes Have More Fun (5:25)


  1. CoachDumfi January 12, 2016

    The sensational Tiga puts his tricks and wizardry to work with twelve monitor screens pushing the same image, what does it all mean? Only the marvelous Tiga knows and he seems hesitant to turn over his secret methods, the meaning of this foul chemistry, or why in the hell we all are consumed by his act. One thing is certain though, the wondrous Tiga will never wear a shirt beneath his tight black Armani suit. Never has, nor never will.

  2. LA January 12, 2016

    There was a time when you’d only see this in the 25¢ stolen goods bin at a gas station near Pontiac or OakPark or perhaps in a poster outside a Sri Lanka boite on a Gary Newman Tribute night. But we live in woeful times, and this marionette has been lionized as a re-mixer of some repute for years now. Fine. Have it your way. I take a deep breath and keep trudging along the cold doomed road that awaits me and the all who were ever sworn to follow the orders of the Templars

    • Gary Numan January 13, 2016

      I play in my own tribute band and we never played Sri Lanka. Besides, I like Tiga.

  3. CoachDumfi January 13, 2016

    If the G.O.P. win the upcoming Presidential election there will be panic and horror in the streets. Hateful little pricks with lots of cash will sort out the minions: those blind with loyalty to these heartless bastards will lead the surge on American cities wiping the slate of our history clean with hate propaganda and abject violence. The innocent and minority will shrink in numbers as a war inside the states, each one, a battle of ideologues versus marionette’s with murderous tongues with lightening force behind their weaponry purchased at gun stores. Just wait, watch, and see. It is coming.

  4. matt j January 13, 2016


  5. fluxus January 14, 2016

    reup!!! links broken!!

    • blast off January 14, 2016

      ah! so there is some justice in this world. keep the links broken! tiga doesn’t want his shit to be downloaded, and we don’t want his shit. simpla as that: perfect marriage of will!

  6. HerbHemlock January 14, 2016

    The great Tiga’s will is all encompassing, tis omnipresent. The cognitive state of the blind masses do not concern him. “Let them chomp at the bit, allow them to destroy each other while in worship of the all encompassing and new religion of Blind Consumerism.” Say’s the Great Tiga. We live in contempt of the rich and powerful, but at the same time we worship them like gods following there every move. Let us become the thing that we despise. The new credo, the new god, varnish our longing and contempt for what we will never be.

  7. Ralph Ciferetto January 14, 2016

    wtf are these comments. leave the house once in a while

  8. CoachDumfi January 15, 2016

    Would do Ralphy boy, except the house left me. The old homestead foreclosed during the great recession of 2008; All I have now is this god damned park bench with splinters that jab me in the night. The fucking birds in the morning are unrelenting dropping their business from angles from the sky.

    • matt j January 15, 2016


  9. OVRSEERX January 15, 2016

    Truly, this is what becomes of one who has inflicted damage not only within his or herself but also to the exterior world. The messages conveyed through numerous abstractions simply remind us that we are all human – unless we were specifically constructed otherwise… To mark this as an introduction is a mistake but easily understood as fine prints within the soil. Breaking points will come of us all, to each organism and inanimate sensation. A reminder, for all, demise is inevitable so properly make the best of what little is actually left. The harbinger sings a sad tune.

  10. MARCEL January 15, 2016


  11. Ching Ching January 15, 2016


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