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Secret Boyfriend / Memory Care Unit [2016]

[Label: Blackest Ever Black | Cat#: BLACKEST045]
  1. The Singing Bile (7:19)
  2. Little Jammy Center (8:59)
  3. They’re Playing Themselves (4:47)
  4. Paean delle Palme (3:47)
  5. Stripping At The Nail (8:24)
  6. Memorize Them Well (8:16)


  1. Storung January 12, 2016

    oh FUCK yay!!!!!!!

  2. CoachDumfi January 12, 2016

    The final stages of life, face to face with no-one but yourself, the cosmic goo binding your head to your other head. If there are confessions to be made, then you will only have yourself to confess to. All Psychiatrist and other soul healers are left back on Planet Earth. Yes, there was once a time when you could see one of these witch doctors and they could parlay your guilt to a second sphere where your mind will be extant from all guilty thoughts. Now you are on your way out, all of that delayed guilt hits you with the force of hell. Own up to your own sins.

  3. :) January 13, 2016

    BEB, I’ll take it :)

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