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Timothy J. Fairplay / My Etherealrealness [2016]

[Label: Charlois | Cat#: CHAR07]
  1. My Etherealrealness (6:11)
  2. Phantom Trap (6:14)
  3. Flying Saucer Review (7:46)


  1. CoachDumfi January 13, 2016

    Timothy J. FairPlay and his Etherealrealness are both false narratives. Ole Tim never played fair for one day in his life, taking a mulligan here on the golf course, calling a base line shot out when it was clearly in on the Tennis court, cheating at Euchre with his slippery partner Wild Billy Oates. His article in The Flying Saucer Review was pure plagiarism, taking snippets from Whitley Streiber’s ‘Communion’ and calling the abduction experiences his own. My Etherealrealness is a Phantom Trap (everything in his life an exterrestial fib, a sensational lie) Timothy J. FairPlay doesn’t even exist. This can be discovered after an intensive research process (Google, Wikipedia) so this begs the question: how can there be a false narrative about someone who never existed or shall ever exist?

  2. M. Romo January 31, 2016

    A todo dar!!

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