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Daft Punk / Unchained [2015]

Documentary about the entire career of Daft Punk, from their start in early 90’s with their first group called Darlin’, until their grammy awards in 2014. We learn how the artists have built their music, their image and all aspects of their inspiration.

English Subs.




  1. Storung December 14, 2015

    ohhhhh ND steppin’ it up and gettin’ into da film game now! Sweet!
    Where’s the doc on Techno Viking?!!!

  2. god December 15, 2015

    hey can you upload the new star wars?

    • public imagination December 15, 2015

      aren’t u god?

  3. fluxus December 16, 2015

    Does this showcase the long nights of ripping off detroit techno and chicago house?

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