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Sunn O))) / Kannon [2015]

[Label: Southern Lord Recordings | Cat#: Sunn250]
  1. Kannon 1 (12:50)
  2. Kannon 2 (9:09)
  3. Kannon 3 (11:26)


  1. walkingtrees December 1, 2015


  2. Darp Fader December 1, 2015

    Disappointed by the album artwork, I prefer their more illustraty type stuff like Black One, White2, Libations of Samhain, even Monoliths, but in saying that I am really looking forward to how this sounds, just wish the cover art looked better.

    • abe simpson December 1, 2015

      yeah the artwork looks like some instrumental post-grime album

    • blast off December 2, 2015

      me, disappointed by the cardboard used for the record jacket.

    • Ego December 2, 2015

      ^^^People bitching about album artwork who downloading the album for free….

      • odriew December 2, 2015

        so people are not entitled to an opinion now?

        • Ego December 2, 2015

          This is America. All opinions are judged, mocked and ridiculed.

          • December 2, 2015

            Yes No !

          • go home yankee December 3, 2015

            ummmm… not everywhere is the good ol U S of Aye

          • GoingOffTheGrid December 3, 2015

            To opine about anything in America is dangerous where every thought, motivation, desire is monitored in full by tele-psychic-thought control-police. Those who are stupid go under and by the way side and they are not brave, they are not heros, just stupid. We all get about three warnings to turn of the thinking device, after that we are left to our own stupid devices of free thought and opinions. We are now striving for a perfect society because ours is so imperfect, dangerously so, and there is no time to mess about taking in and absorbing each opinion and materialized thought, trillions upon trillions per 1/billionth of a second. Thought police are busy enough as it is,and as we can all see, not everyone will be saved, the casualties mount each moment. Take my advice, turn off the thought device, go with the flow of life, and let those at the top construct the perfect society that will surely come.

          • Pee Baby December 10, 2015

            I read your reply, well some of it. PEE

        • Pee Baby December 2, 2015

          I want your opinion, covered in pee.

  3. HoraceTheGoat December 1, 2015

    W.T.C. or what was left in the weening hours of twilight on 9/11. God let everyone lost rest in peace.

  4. weirdo December 2, 2015

    Swiss designer Angela LaFont created the abstract sculpture on the cover.

    • odriew December 2, 2015

      looks too game of thronesy. faux pas sunn bros…

      • December 2, 2015

        haha, dwelling in the depths of ________

  5. The Ghost of MichaelJackson December 2, 2015

    I for one like the cover, though it’s definitely different from what we’re used to. Like their music, this cover looks brutal and beautiful, with depth and sharp edges.

  6. carly rae jepsen December 2, 2015

    I’m really digging this tunes.Way better pop than that fatso Adele. thanks nodata!

  7. fuck you goth techno wrong cunts December 5, 2015


    • Monuments & Chromagain December 6, 2015

      your armpits after 12 hours of house music

      • Pee Baby December 10, 2015


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