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Mistakes Are OK / Forgiven [2015]

[Label: Hivern Discs | Cat#: HVN029]
  1. Forgiven (5:14)
  2. Forgiven (Edward’s Alternate World) (9:36)
  3. Forgiven (Edward’s Remix) (9:58)


  1. maze November 30, 2015

    great i made a mistake and was unsure if it was ok. now i know thank you

  2. CoachDumified November 30, 2015

    He slowly motioned the car closer as it came into focus. A jet black Ford Focus rolled to a halt. Johnald swung open his arms and pulled his trench coat back to reveal that he was a completely nude dude. The driver of the vehicle rolled his window down, “Dad?…. What the fuck?” the driver yelled at the naked man. “Mistakes are okay son, I forgive you”

    The naked man collapsed on the ground and began to sob.

    The car drove off.

    • CoachDumfi December 1, 2015

      I didn’t write this. The pervert who did sits alone and cackles out loud to no-one.

  3. HoraceTheGoat December 1, 2015

    Grimwald was desolate in his heart. A purchase he made at Big 5 Sporting Goods “was a mistake”. The pixeled 45 Caliber sat in a glass book shelf that Grimwald kept locked, a protection and safety device that would protect not himself, but anyone in the near vicinity of Grimwald should he be holding this deadly weapon. During the daytime, starting around “High Noon” his hands would shake uncontrollably, a Neurological side effect from a blow to the head he received at LowHawks bar and grill from a 400 pound truck driver named Plot. Plot caught Grimwald staring at his wife from across the bar and decided to settle the matter with his barehands. Grimwald, like most of the human species wanted closure, revenge, hence his purchase at The Big Five Sporting Goods store. The gun felt fluid in his hands, Pixel images will do that, the molecules being scattered with microscopic spaces in between solid light particles. Plot was standing outside of LowHawks as Grimwald pulled up to the Bar and Grill in his Mega Ford Rambler with white trash fat tires raised three feet off the ground. Grimwald cursed his life and the fact that he couldn’t hold the Colt 45 Pixeled Revolver in his hands the shook violently. Grimwald dropped the gun in between the passengers seat and the drivers seat. This series of a-causal events amounted to nothing because by that time Old Port had smashed out the drivers side of Ford Four Wheeled Drive Rambler with his bar knuckles. Port’s fist landed a mighty blow to Grimwald’s lower left jaw, the blow sent Grimwald sprawling across the passengers seat where he spent the next two hours weeping like a sissy on Paraffin. The Pickled 45 Special Calibered 45 was never recovered from The Big Wheeled Ford Rambler and became somewhat of a joke among the Towns Police Force who questioned Port only briefly and then throwing out the complaint by Grimwald whose Jaw Bone was wired shut and fractured in ten different locations.

    • StuntedGrowf December 1, 2015

      That was even fuckin worser than the other guys, fuck!

      • Jake Jake December 2, 2015

        What are the special education classes in our public schools even DOING with all that money from Obama anyway (sarcasm, there was none)?

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