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LNDN DRGS / Aktive [2015]

Fool’s Gold Records

01 – La Quinta feat. G Perico
02 – Susan
03 – Fade feat. Mitchy Slick _ Summertime
04 – Plug B4 feat. YG Hootie
05 – Fast Blakk feat. A$AP Yams
06 – Aktive feat. YG Hootie
07 – In The Rain feat. Dubb
08 – Uza Trikk feat. A$AP Yams, G Perico & Earl Swavey _ Power (Interlude)
09 – Real Life feat. Krayzie Bone, AD & Lil L
10 – So Rare feat. RetcH & $ha Hef
11 – Time Flies feat. K Dee _ Big Wy
12 – Hop Out
13 – Choose Up
14 – The Makk _ Burnt Out


  1. zahara November 30, 2015

    Free download:

  2. CoachDumfi November 30, 2015

    Window shopping with LNDN DRGS is Aktive and mentally enhancing. Dress up in your best plaid overcoat, slip on those shants (half shorts, half pants) jump into the mini-sports car and then you are there. The gorillas in the window perform tricks all day long at the behest of the local medicine man, but occasionally they will hurl something mushy and untold in proper society at the window. It sticks like mud.

  3. virtual shuffle December 1, 2015

    “Jay worthless” aka Jeffrey sidhu. Grew up from a wealthy family in the west side of Vancouver bc. One of the richest communities in the world. Once tried to beat someone with a knife and a bat with his homeboi marsk and ended up getting his ass beat along with his moms minivan. I recently heard him say that him and Kendrick Lamar came from the same hood. Sorry Kendrick. Hope you saw thru that one. Good luck hood rat.

    hyped for this project. I need all 100 of those tracks too! These 80’s R&B samples and synths are so fire!

  4. Fork Balloon Sports December 1, 2015

    Who did that cover art, a 6 eyer child?

  5. December 1, 2015

    grimes’ brother

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