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Zora Jones / 100 Ladies [2015]

[Label: Fractal Fantasy | Cat#: N/A]
  1. Oh Boy (2:27)
  2. Too Many Tears (2:04)
  3. Zui (2:06)
  4. Scarlet (Interlude) (0:59)
  5. Psilocybin (3:18)
  6. Glade (3:05)
  7. First Light (3:30)


  1. Damn November 24, 2015

    Not sure I like this new direction, but Come Away With Me was prob my favoUrite album of all time so I guess nothing can top that hahahaha

  2. GoingDark November 28, 2015

    Crash. The death of the metal man. Synchronicitous transfiguration of high grade metals: titanium, aluminum, graphite and tungsten. Once melded to Los Angeles “Car Culture” where the brain became synonymous to the transmission, the heart, the steering wheel. No more, too many of these things roaming the aisles of lost directions and off ramps. Crash, organs squelched into a metallic curl and wilting steely crunch. Oh my god, what have we done?

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