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Cesare / Kitsuné Soleil Mix by Cesare [2015]

Kitsuné France / 72743

01. Moullinex – Take a Chance (Soleil Mix Edit)
02. Kilo Kish – Curious (Le Flex Remix) [Soleil Mix Edit] 03. Danglo – Forget You (Soleil Mix Edit)
04. Frances – Fire May Save You (Cesare Remix) [Soleil Mix Edit] 05. Citizens! – Waiting for Your Lover (Kokiri Remix) [Soleil Mix Edit] 06. Cheerleader – The Sunshine of Your Youth (Plastic Plates Remix) [Soleil Mix Edit] 07. Nimmo – Others (Reset Safari Remix) [Soleil Mix Edit] 08. One Bit – Won’t Hold Back (Soleil Mix Edit)
09. Andreas Moe – Borderline (Canvas Remix) [Soleil Mix Edit] 10. Chela – Zero (Clancy Remix) [Radio Mix Edit] 11. Mocki – Weekend (Cesare Remix) [Soleil Mix Edit] 12. Fickle Friends – For You (Cesare Remix) [Soleil Mix Edit] 13. Tobtok – Savanna (Cesare Remix) [Soleil Mix Edit] 14. Cesare – Trans-Amazonian Highway (Soleil Mix Edit)
15. Le Flex – Meet Me On the Dancefloor (Soleil Mix Edit)
16. Burhou – Please Delete (Soleil Mix Edit)


  1. fideos November 11, 2015

    thanks, much luv <3

  2. CoachDumFi November 11, 2015

    This is one cool cat, vacationing in the warm and dangerous waters of the South Pacific, foo foo drink in hand, full of peace and tranquility. To finish the story, the cat ends up eating the shark.

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