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Kangding Ray / Cory Arcane [2015]

[Label: Raster-noton | Cat#: r-n167]
  1. Acto (4:46)
  2. Dark Barker (5:08)
  3. Brume (4:19)
  4. These Are My Rivers (8:09)
  5. Safran (5:30)
  6. Burning Bridges (5:45)
  7. Blue Oscillant (5:25)
  8. When We Were Queens (3:16)
  9. Sleepless Roads (7:18)


  1. CoachDumfi October 24, 2015

    Me ex, sporting a new Ramone’s style haircut could never keep the leaf’s out of her mouth, her way of communicating to me that she would “rather devour the entire Amazon jungles before kissing me.

    • yipster October 25, 2015

      at least the haircut explains why she put her shirt on backward

  2. - October 24, 2015

    Coulda sworn it was a karen o record

  3. 324 October 25, 2015

    horrible cover artwork

    • Penis October 25, 2015

      U r cool

  4. Leon Leon October 25, 2015

    Listening to music and munchin’ bush, everyone’s favourite pass times.

  5. Sausage Milk October 25, 2015

    Agreed, candidate for worst cover artwork ever put out by Raster-noton. Shame about that… there are some worthy-but-minimal sounds here, though. If you can only get past the fucking artwork.

    • god October 25, 2015

      I’m honestly okay with anything that isn’t the cover to that Peaches album…

    • mirek October 26, 2015

      who cares about artwork if music is good lol

      • Slurrrrp October 26, 2015


  6. micropenis October 25, 2015

    chill out nerds theres much worse out there plus she is hot

    • Fernspotter October 26, 2015

      Judging by the slightly serrated pinnae, I’d wager to guess that’s a frond of Nephrolepis exaltata that the woman is holding in her maw (though it might be N. hirsutula, N. brownii or N. cordifolia; could a botanist please clarify??). In any case it’s nice to see a species in the Lomariopsidaceae family getting some attention. Possibly my favourite fern-based album cover that I’ve seen this week.

      • LA October 27, 2015

        Holy Carappa! If you, esttemed Fernspotter, exact such humbling knowledge on us yet still require the help of a botanist, what is left to us simpletons but to whimper and fumble in the darkness of our nescience?

  7. god October 27, 2015

    this guy can’t make a bad album

  8. Zio Scaldapiatti October 27, 2015

    it’s a record for 18 years old enthusiast listeners or over 40s nostalgic electronic music heroes – soulseek & pills nostalgia… this label & this music are lies

    • mirek October 28, 2015

      whatever you say.

      also L.I.E.S is a different label.

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