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Tone of Arc / Urgent Turquoise [2015]

Om Records / OM648

01. Practical Particles
02. Cave Fingers
03. The Best Place to Fall
04. Alice in a Can
05. Intimate Bones
06. Waiting Room
07. Baboon Baby
08. Chromatic Flight
09. Shutters Are Shaking
10. Chant No. 1
11. Roxys Young Blood
12. Tear Drops on the Moon
13. Fog and Haze
14. Provoco
15. Galavant
16. The Rip


  1. JoseCuervo October 27, 2015

    This is what happens when the T-Rex goes to the drive in movie theatre to watch that bright light Bishop rather than the vice versa. The Japanese classic horror films and Spielberg aside, the dinosaur devours every swinging dick and his broad, tromps on their stupid SUV’S and leaves a pool of blood thick and deep enough to swim in.

    • yipster October 27, 2015

      Thank you for taking the time to explain, I now understand.

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