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Tomo Akikawabaya / The Invitation Of The Dead [2015]

Minimal Wave / MW 060

A1 Rebirth
A2 Mars
B1 Fire
B2 Dark
B3 Dizziness
C1 The Invitation Of The Dead
C2 Chair
C3 Sleeping Sickness
D1 Diamond
D2 A Dream Of No Pillow
D3 The Hill Of Dreams


  1. Vince October 28, 2015

    Thank you No Data, very goog!

  2. weirdo October 28, 2015

    this is absolutely beautiful! haunting. thanks x

  3. ª October 28, 2015

    From the web: Tomo Akikawabaya is a mysterious minimal synth musician from Japan, who released sever al singles in the 1980s be fore disappearing.

    He de buted with the single “Mars” in 1983, which was fol lowed by the 2×12” “The Castle” in 1984, “Anju” and “1985” in 1985, and “Kojiki To Onna” in 1986. These re leases were later col lec ted in a very li mited box set tit led “Rivage de la con vuls ion” (only 30 co p ies). Al­most all of his re cords (ex cept for “Kojiki to Onna”) fea ture the same model Rena Anju on cover. Her name in Japanese (安珠) as con fir ma­tion, she’s the same woman who played one of the main roles in YMO’s (bril liant) film PRO PAGAN DA. She’s an ex-fashion model and she’s ac tual ly quite a well known pro fes sion al photog raph er now. Akikawabaya de sig ned the dress that she’s wear ing on the cover of “The Castle”.

    Not much is known about Tomo Akikawabaya as there are no pic tures of him, he never per for med live and never gave in ter views. The only in for ma tion avail able can be found on the sleeve notes of his re leases, all of them re cor ded at the same studio Bea Pot Studio, using the same en gine er Takaaki Han-ya, and re leased on his own label Castle Re cords.

  4. CoachDumfi October 28, 2015

    Thank you [a] quite informative and helpful your research of this Japanese Artist.

  5. tricky October 28, 2015

    My current strategy is to only download albums from this site that have minimal black and white covers. Mostly black. I’ve yet to be disappointed.

    • CoachDumfi October 29, 2015

      Tirckster,a good strategy overall, and could be applied to all aspects of life. There are no penumbras in life: when traveling you either can go left or right, straight or backwards, with respect to Ethics (this is not a flimsy Harry Potter plot line or a cheese ball Star Wars concept) there is only Good v.s. Evil, nothing in between, no Purgatory, Heaven or Hell. Colors are nice, the liven up the world we live in, but at the same time distort reality, giving us a false sense of things around us. Turn em off and go black. Smart choice Trickster.

  6. Statues in Mo October 29, 2015

    Unexpected reissue, obvee i bought it as soon as it came out … not a fan of Veronica and her label but it’s the same old story with MW, it’s either that or lose forever the chance to own some of the most beautiful music in this solar system.

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