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Phil Minton / A Doughnut’s End [2015]

Fataka / 11

A1 How Grand
A2 This Is A Good Place To Stay
A3 Breaking News
A4 Wilkins Rejoice
A5 Can I Stay Here For A Time?
A6 Still Breathing
A7 I Didn’t Catch That
B1 There’s A Reason
B2 Set In Stone
B3 Can I Help?
B4 I Was There When It Happened
B5 Is It Safe?
B6 Doughnut Results
B7 Delight
B8 Grandish


  1. Ricky September 15, 2015

    this is supposed to be brutal. gotta find out.

    • Shmoop September 15, 2015

      Yeah, report back!

      • Morty September 17, 2015

        Too abstract. Not my cup of tea.

  2. . September 15, 2015

    antonin artaud would fuck with this

  3. CoachDumfi September 16, 2015

    Each morning old Phil Minton drives his Gold Tesla down to the Dunk’n Donut shop and devours one dozen donuts (a mixed bag of glazed and cream filled, some with blueberries). While chomping into donut number 12 he makes a self confession, vowing never to eat another donut (the donuts end) because he has grown so large that he can no longer stuff himself into the drivers seat of his Gold Tesla.

  4. cameoMileDumpy September 17, 2015

    Phil Minton decides to change. Instead of dunking his nuts into Tessas golden dough, he rather chooses to sit back, relax with a nice cuppa cameomile tea, while his old Golden Girl Tessa dunks him a rusk of prickly fleas.

  5. CoachDumfi September 17, 2015

    Arrrggghhh. Old cameoMileDumpy back at it with his Neo-Freudian interpretation of the world. Old cameoMileDumpy could take the ‘Golden Bough’ and turn it into a filthy Satyricon sex-capade. Arrrggghhhh…

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