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Prince / HITNRUN Phase One [2015]

NPG Records

01 MILLION $ SHOW (feat. Judith Hill)
03 AIN’T ABOUT TO STOP (feat. Rita Ora)
04 LIKE A MACK (feat. Curly Fryz)
09 MR. NELSON (feat. Lianna La Havas)
10 1000 X’S & 0’S


  1. Prince Plaza is the Place September 7, 2015

    Oh hello

  2. RudeProtruberance September 8, 2015

    It’s muthafuckin’ Preeeaaance!

  3. megam September 8, 2015

    tragjc artwork

  4. Ice Prince September 8, 2015

    This is plainly, ludicrously bad.

  5. Prince Albert September 8, 2015

    is this The Artist Formerly Known As ♀?

  6. Storung September 8, 2015

    I fucking hate Prince and this artwork is HORRIBLE! I wonder if there will be a music video to match in “Money For Nothing” fashion

    • lol September 8, 2015

      I hate any “Tidal” artist, but Prince is especially bad. Supposedly he was actually good once, but when I went to look up his old “good” music on Youtube, I couldn’t anything. Oh well. Just seems like the “Black Neil Young” to me i.e. an old washed up guy who hasn’t done anything relevant in a generation, but thinks the internet is to blame for…something.

      • lol is right September 8, 2015

        “supposedly he was actually good once?” hahaha… well at least we know you have no musical credibility. Thanks for putting that right up front.

        • lol September 8, 2015

          Hate to break it to you baby boomers, but people under 30 just know Prince as a Dave Chappell joke. And the only person to blame for that is Prince himself since he’s done everything humanly possible to keep his music off the Internet. So, only people from “before the internet” remember him. Oh well. Although Prince shares a lot with Neil Young as far as being a luddite who hates the future, maybe it would be better to compare him to Elvis: Some guy your granny swears is the greatest, but young people just know him from impersonations and jokes.

          • FX Lounger September 9, 2015

            @ lol – you really do type complete rubbish, particularly when you state that only people from “before the internet” remember Prince. WRONG! I’m 21 and know that Prince is one of the most innovative and gifted musicians to have ever graced the planet. Your limited knowledge and total disregard of his musical credibility smacks of immaturity. As for your quote about: “…being a luddite who hates the future…”, that has to rank as one of the most clueless statements about Prince that I’ve ever read.
            I mean, seriously, dude, if you know nothing about a musician, which is obviously your case here with Prince, then please don’t continue to make wildly inaccurate statements about them as it will only serve to make you look a bigger fool than you already appear to be. This album sure ain’t Prince’s best but it wipes the floor with much of the other stuff put up on here lately.

          • Nawks September 10, 2015

            The man can ball, though.

            And then he’ll cook you pancakes.

      • lol is right September 8, 2015

        btw… where did he blame the internet for anything? I must have missed that… please share.

        • Michelle September 9, 2015

          Lol said that Prince ruined his public image by avoiding posting his music on the internet. Lol also states that only the pre-internet generation is familiar with Prince’s work, i.e. older generation of baby boomers. What is interesting is that he describes himself as a Luddite: a member of any of the bands of English workers who destroyed machinery, esp. in cotton and woolen mills, that they believed was threatening their jobs (1811–16).
          • a person opposed to increased industrialization or new technology: a small-minded Luddite resisting progress. Logic, he accuses Prince of the same thing (Luddite) that he (lol) professes to be. Very strange debate going here. I saw Prince on Melrose Ave. about four years ago. Cool cat.

      • Orchidman September 8, 2015

        Imagine, Neil Young born into the world as an African American, Gil Scott Heron? Not quite, more guitar (Gil plays piano mostly) Jimi Hendrix? Too bad the younger generation has to trash the past to make sense of their world, understandable in ways, very difficult to feel what was going on in, 60’s 70’s, 80’s the, Vietnam, The Civil Rights Movement, Massive protest on college campuses around the United States. Some of the music around that time reflected the world like a mirror (Neil Young was one of those artist as was Gil Scott Heron). Remember, the state of audio was still rather simplistic at the time, The Beatles recorded Abbey Road on an eight track tape machine. In comes the Me Me Give Me More Generation of selfies and Facebook, and narcissism runs amuck, there is no sense of history, and to expect the younger generation to appreciate what was is a moot point, they are too ensconced in the now and there twitter account. Prince is a damned good artist and one of the best guitarist in the world, this guy could give Jimi Hendrix a run for his money. So it is difficult to listen to the trash talk of this fine artist. Remember laddies, we all get old and someday you stand in those shoes and not be ‘relevant’. It is fun to be young and hip, but it is human to be compassionate and empathetic towards those who have walked down the road that you are on. Peace Out

        • Bob George September 8, 2015

          Exactly. Thank you, Orchid…

        • Nawks September 10, 2015

          I read your comment, and I thought it was interesting until I remembered that…………..YOU ARE HERE TO BOOTLEG THIS GREAT MAN’S ALBUM!!!!!!

          So shut up.

  7. Bob George September 8, 2015

    Without a shadow of doubt, the best album to grace nodata this year. The production on this is astonishing. The predictably negative comments left by all the tragic hipsters are quite funny to read. Wax those beards, gents. Wax those beards.

    • lol September 8, 2015

      Yeah, we’ll wax our beards right after you apply a heavy dose of Just For Men to yours.

      • Bob George September 8, 2015

        @ lol: I don’t have a beard, darling, I’m female. It’s nice of you to confirm that you do have one though. Thank you, (predictable) little hipster-boy x

        • lol is right September 8, 2015

          amen bob… check out the comment I replied to above. KIDS THESE DAYS…

          • Bob George September 8, 2015

            @ ‘lol is right’: Amen indeed. Obviously ‘lol’ has no idea what he is talking about when it comes to actually *listening* to music. Sure, he *hears* music but it strikes me that he lacks the capacity to actually listen to what is being played-out here.
            Disliking Prince is fine – we all have our own musical preferences – but to flippantly dismiss Prince’s unparalleled talent by suggesting he “hasn’t done anything relevant in a generation” clearly shows a huge amount of ignorance at work here.
            Prince’s knows his craft well, his musical output is gigantic, spanning a multitude of genres (this release merely sratches the surface of many).
            Open your mind and ears – listen and learn, dear ‘lol’.

  8. princess lady garden September 8, 2015

    it’s pretty good, thanks

  9. Donald Reagan September 8, 2015

    I really like his duet with Alicia Keys. His collaborations with great stars like Alicia or Santana are just tremendous. Any Vegas dates in sight?

    • Wiggles September 9, 2015


      • lok September 10, 2015

        I would so hope for an all-duet album with renditions of classics by him and Bono, Julio Inglesias, Willie Nelson, etc.
        Christmas is around the corner!

        • Poor lok fail September 15, 2015

          @ lok:
          It’s Julio Iglesias. There’s nothing like a good, old spelling-fail to ruin a sarcastic moment. Well done, give yourself a gold star.

  10. pheasant September 9, 2015

    pirate this even if you hate prince. especially if you hate prince

  11. bob September 9, 2015


  12. Ω September 9, 2015


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