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Planet Pluto / Foreign Body [2015]

[Label: Detroit Underground | Cat#: BPLCRP 9]
  1. One Man Army (4:37)
  2. Proto Sutro (3:48)
  3. Failed System (6:18)
  4. Alien Warfare (5:08)
  5. Genius Of Pluto (3:48)
  6. Lesser Value (4:20)
  7. Crevis (6:08)
  8. Running Man (5:30)
  9. Tight Rope (5:01)
  10. Riddim (4:01)
  11. So The Story Goes (4:05)


  1. matt j August 28, 2015

    dope. definitely hear the drexciya influence.

    • 5meo August 28, 2015

      Will listen to when i take my Lardossan cruiser for a spin tonight!

    • don't go to clubs there's people August 29, 2015

      I’m struggling to find some really good 2015 album. of course Maoupa, Nick Klein & Visonia are great but this … after 3 tracks it’s clearly my 2015 record.

      • don't go to clubs there's people August 29, 2015

        it’s a digital release, unbelievable… if this doesn’t deserve the wax, i really don’t know.

        • 777 August 29, 2015

          You don’t know.

  2. LesrealcoachDumfy August 28, 2015

    Two oversized Crate Amplifiers (with quadraphonic mesh speaker covers) with a connective input/output that link the two monsters together provide the visitor/guitarist with a sound that fills lamps up the Northern section of the planet Pluto. The traveller/guitarist plays a 1960’s Silvertone electric (having left his vintage Les Paul back at Space Station No. 9) guitar through this peculiar sound set up. The temperature reaches 280 degrees Fahrenheit at sunrise and continues to climb during these sultry afternoons on Pluto. The guitarist rambles through a series of chord progressions that would make the hair stand up on the back of Jimi Hendrix, but no-one is there to hear this psychotic output. Just sand and heat, like the San Bernardino dessert.

    • j;pl; August 28, 2015

      There is a yearn for the old in your paragraph.
      You needn’t be ashamed.
      Like fossil remains becomes fuel for the future, so does real music. There is a shift in the concept of authorship and rights thereof. we are now made to be Lords.

  3. LesrealcoachDumfy August 28, 2015

    I wake up each in morning and basque in confusion and shame. I will dedicate my bones and skeletal remains to sprinkle over the graves of those who passed before me and those super human Lords of youth. The world is yours now, but my generation (consumed with greed and self-preservation) and generations before me have left the Earth in a massive mess and I am truly sorry for this. This is yours, for the Lords, make music that is good and clean up the mess we have made for the youthful Lords.

  4. jjj August 29, 2015

    holy shit, this is pretty good

    vinyl when

  5. Jesus Linde August 29, 2015

    yess! Electro rules!!!

  6. 909 August 29, 2015

    What unlistenable dreck. “Vinyil when” haha, best joke of the thread. In the ’80s there was a limit to how far you could program a Roland 909, in the 10s making a record like this just means you’re a sad mediocrity trying so hard… phew. Thanks nodata for the continuing efforts.

    • 808 August 30, 2015

      these are my favorite kind of comments.

    • cr-78 & kr-55 September 8, 2015

      that pill they gave you in 1989 was aspirin, just saying

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