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Dark Sky / Voyage [2015]

[Label: Monkeytown | Cat#: MTR055]
  1. Voyages (4:33)
  2. Voyages (Francis Inferno Orchestra’s Tamburo Mixx) (5:39)
  3. Voyages (Redshape Remix) (7:18)


  1. coach Dumfy July 23, 2015

    Interesting, the broken lines only connect to certain Orbs, not others. Could this mean something? Uh oh, another desjavu experience, have to go….

  2. seep July 24, 2015

    Interesting, another comment about the artwork instead of the music… “desjavu” (sic)

    • coach Dumfy July 24, 2015

      Déjà vu, curses foiled once more. Me lack of the educated booking has left me as dumb as dough and as enlightened as much as a blade of grass. Me spelling comes from a scrambled brain: the connectors and and synapses jumbled like spaghetti, dendrites and neural transmitters dried to the socket. It is a wonder that I can do anything, and mostly I cannot. Spelling words is a constant struggle, and I usually settle for my own arrangement of consanats and vowels. The eerie feeling of having already experienced when the experience has not eve taken place. I wish I was a human, then I would comment on the music.

  3. barnye clark July 24, 2015

    voyages is a anagram for ‘soya veg’. i dont apreciate the secret vegitarian agenda.

    • jumpman23 July 27, 2015


  4. coach Dumfy July 25, 2015

    Who cares?

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