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Tame Impala / Currents [2015]

[Label: Fiction Records | Cat#: none]
  1. Let It Happen (7:46)
  2. Nangs (1:48)
  3. The Moment (4:15)
  4. Yes I’m Changing (4:30)
  5. Eventually (5:19)
  6. Gossip (0:55)
  7. The Less I Know the Better (3:38)
  8. Past Life (3:47)
  9. Disciples (1:48)
  10. ‘Cause I’m a Man (4:02)
  11. Reality in Motion (4:12)
  12. Love/Paranoia (3:06)
  13. New Person, Same Old Mistakes (6:02)


  1. madskillz July 5, 2015

    omfg – beak> and now tame impala!!! kisses xx

  2. asian classroom guy July 5, 2015

    HA, GAY!

  3. Rusty Shackleford July 5, 2015

    needs a “Yacht Psych” tag.

  4. misha July 5, 2015


  5. cuntdestr0yer92 July 5, 2015

    need to listen while naked

    • Shampoo July 5, 2015

      Need to naked while listen

      • cuntdestr0yer92 July 5, 2015

        listened while clothed, was completely and utterly average. need to see what just a g string on brings to the experience

  6. thank u July 5, 2015

    thank u!!!

  7. Couch July 5, 2015

    dungen lite

    • ? July 5, 2015

      whatever happened to dungen– is he just suckin the apparatus now?

    • Nah. July 6, 2015

      Every time I’ve seen someone call them a Dungen ripoff, they’ve failed to provide adequate evidence to support their claim.

      • Rusty Shackleford July 6, 2015

        this track alone is proof enough that Tame Impala owe more than a little bit of debt to Dungen:

        only thing really separating it is that Tame Impala sings in English.

        • Nah. July 6, 2015

          What TI song are you comparing this to? This doesn’t remind me of anything TI has done. Instrumentally TI makes prominent use of keyboards, synths, reverb, tape delay and increasingly electronic elements, to create a spaced-out atmosphere, whereas Dungen focuses on traditional instrumentation that places it closer to progg, folk and jazz. While Kevin Parker’s vocal delivery has a somewhat similar nasal quality to Gustav Ejstes’, a more apt comparison would be John Lennon. I’ll concede that some tracks on Innerspeaker contain similar distorted guitar and syncopated drumming elements, but those are stylistic features of psych rock in general and not something Dungen invented. There is also no TI melody or lyrical content appropriated from Dungen. Btw, that Dungen song directly rips off the melody from The Picture – Evolution from the 1960s:

          • scoobasoundsfromlithops July 7, 2015

            Multi-Love is better guys

  8. RJM July 5, 2015

    Quite amazing to see how a decent band with potential (talking about Innerspeaker) got into some really mainstreamy Indie Shite Psych.
    This album is so binary, linear. No thanks.

  9. Mark July 5, 2015


    Can you sound anymore like a pretentious twat? Sounds like you went into the new album with a clear agenda. Some how I bet you’ll still be at the next Tame show in your area.

  10. Mark July 5, 2015

    Why am I shocked that half the people commenting here don’t understand Tame Impala/Kevin parker?

    He doesn’t ever repeat the same sound twice. If you were expecting something overly psych or something overtly similar to Lonerism then obviousily you’re completely lost.

    How is there always one jerk off comparing Tame to Dungen? Do all of you tools congregate on 4chan before you spam the internet with that shit?

    That being said ‘Eventually’ is the worst track Tame has ever done. Still, this is another amazing band. I’m so glad Kevin takes chances, while his fans are stuck in yester-year

    • JJ July 6, 2015

      even listening without an agenda the album is no good.
      its not that kevin is changing the sound, the influences and directions are clear and the concept is great.
      but its just been executed poorly.

      taking chances in music is very admirable, but you have to be able to pull it off too.

    • Couch July 6, 2015

      u mad doggy

  11. mukudai mokodor July 6, 2015

    but nice cover

  12. lol July 6, 2015

    Lonersim had cringe inducing songs that had to be skipped, this does not. Nuff’ said.

    • skinnypuppy July 6, 2015

      That’s actually a good point. As fantastic as some of the tracks were, I was surprised at how bad the few stinkers were.

    • ehhhh July 6, 2015

      ‘Cause I’m A Man would beg to differ.

      • lol July 6, 2015

        OK so the trans community won’t dig it, but let’s be real: you’re two percent of the population.

  13. Manoletto July 6, 2015

    Pfff, this album is the worst of tame impala til now… Tottally disappointed

  14. Martin July 6, 2015

    This might be a strange comparison to some but “Currents” is for Tame Impala what “English Riviera” was to Metronomy, the only difference being that Kevin Parker delivered 2 amazing albums beforehand and Metronomy did not. But it was the change in style and production that bring these two albums very close to perfection. People bitch and moan about artists first albums being their best (to some point I agree) but y’all should be happy to get third albums such as good as this one is.
    I’m going to bet the same shit is going to happen with James Blakes third album. It’s going to be different (good) but people will still bitch about how he lost his “original” sound and stuff.

  15. FakeMoonLanding July 7, 2015

    They killed this LP. So many great songs. Love this shit, Glad it leaked early too!!!

  16. coach Dumfy July 7, 2015

    If you are 28yrs or older, and you listen to this kind of music, you should be placed on a sex offender list. Tame Impala, cannot fault you for trying, but this is really bad music. It is time to grow up.

    • apocalypticboredom July 8, 2015

      Guess what fucker, I’m 32 and I like this. I can’t imagine the dumpy music you enjoy, being such a wet fart of an internet commenter.

      • coach Dumfy July 8, 2015

        Dry, dry boy dry. Thirty two huh? Still like listening to the kiddies huh? List name, social, place of residents, and we’ll come and haul you in. 32 huh, and still felling like your 15yrs. Were coming for you.

        • mirek July 9, 2015


    • The Royal Baccarat Scandal July 13, 2015

      Jesus, Coach! Im 31 and still listens to this type of music. Can you call the cops to me, please?

  17. ron g tolas July 7, 2015

    Sigh. Bo-ring. Biggest disappointment of the year so far.

  18. Augusto Cazares July 8, 2015

    So much hate on the album, it’s not Lonerism sure and you will be disappointed if expecting the same music but people here need to give it more listens and stop writing crap. I’m glad that Kevin is going forward with his music. Seems like strong guitars and riffs are less used in favor of a complex use of synthesizers. Good stuff.

  19. TunaGang July 9, 2015

    Great LP. With actual songs.
    Haters gonna talk shit whatever.

  20. LB July 10, 2015

    i’m totally taking all of your opinions to heart. thanks for sharing

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