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Neil Young & Promise of the Real / The Monsanto Years [2015]

Warner Bros. / 550586

1. A New Day for Love (5:52)
2. Wolf Moon (3:52)
3. People Want to Hear About Love (6:20)
4. Big Box (8:17)
5. A Rock Star Bucks a Coffee Shop (5:00)
6. Workin’ Man (4:43)
7. Rules of Change (4:39)
8. Monsanto Years (7:46)
9. If I Don’t Know (4:24)


  1. coach Dumfy June 29, 2015

    Hurrah for Neil Young, someone with clout and money to take on Monsanto and the likes of them. Hell no, no more GMO’S. With mono-chromatic agriculture in full swing around the globe, pesticides and gentically altered seedlings and crops mean money, money, money. Mega-Giants like Monsanto lobby for the next P.O.T.U.S.. The honey bees are vanishing, stomach cancer is on the rise. Step up Neil, you are the guy. Neil stills has a punch in his voice, and besides being one of the most gifted singer songwriters to ever have engraced the Earth, he can still stomp and romp with some heavy electric guitar work. Neil Young, an idol, a hero, for everyone.

    • wiggles June 29, 2015

      Here here.

    • mirek July 4, 2015

      “Hell no, no more GMO’S”
      start reading science journals and stop watching youtube xD

  2. Krypto The Superdawg June 30, 2015

    Neil Young´s ultra ugly cover game is strong in 2015.

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