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Vatican Shadow & Cut Hands / Azar Swan Variations [2015]

[Label: Handmade Birds | Cat#: HBEATS078]
  1. We Hunger (Vatican Shadow Remix) (9:13)
  2. For Last And Forever (Cut Hands Remix) (5:23)
  3. In My Mouth (Drew McDowall Remix) (6:53)
  4. Hush (Auditor Remix) (5:28)


  1. yep May 24, 2015

    oh how those vocals are awful, wish there were dub versions as the Cut Hands is awesome

  2. GG May 25, 2015

    anyone get the version with exclusive boomkat spunk on it

  3. The Royal Baccarat Scandal May 26, 2015

    Is this ultra boring like all the things Vatican Shadow did in its entire career?

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