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Various Artists / Uncut You Gotta Move! [2015]

Uncut 201507

01-The Fall- Fibre Book Troll
02-Gill Landry- Funeral In My Heart
03-FFS- Johnny Delusional
04-Jim O’Rourke- This Weekend
05-Richard Thompson- Beatnik Walk
06-Funkadelic & Soul Clap feat. Sly Stone- In Da Kar
07-Michael Head & The Strands- Poor Jill
08-Soapkills- Galbi.
09-Leftfield- Universal Everything
10-Meg Baird- Counterfeiters
11-The Pre New- Psychedelic Lies
12-William Tyler- The Sleeping Prophet
13-Jah Wobble- Merry Go Round
14-Trembling Bells- Killing Time In London Fields
15-Bitchin Bajas- Marimba

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