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Tanlines / Highlights [2015]

True Panther

1. Pieces (3:53)
2. Slipping Away (3:29)
3. Palace (4:25)
4. Two Thousand Miles (4:14)
5. Invisible Ways (3:33)
6. Bad Situations (4:12)
7. Running Still (4:06)
8. Thinking (3:30)
9. If You Stay (4:42)
10. Darling Dreamer (3:44)


  1. HOVERDOG May 21, 2015

    I’ll take the one on the left; he looks like a fighter. You distract the other guy – shouldn’t be too hard, by the looks of it. I’ll meet you back here in five minutes with a glass of milk and a poisoned sausage xxx

    • sunsofvacation May 22, 2015

      The Right One is armed, he’s a knifeman. But it’s cool-I have a broom.

  2. coach Dumfy May 22, 2015

    The guy on the right is suffering from hemorrhoids,in the rectal sphincter, just look at the expression on his face, so he would be an easy take, but the guy on the left has a history of psychic violence, he can freeze a pack of charging elephants, quite dangerous. Best to try a flank attack.

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