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The Charlatans / Modern Nature [2015]

BMG Chrysalis

1. “Talking In Tones”
2. “So Oh”
3. “Come Home Baby”
4. “Keep Enough”
5. “In The Tall Grass”
6. “Emilie”
7. “Let The Good Times Be Never Ending”
8. “I Need You To Know”
9. “Lean In”
10. “Trouble Understanding”
11. “Lot To Say”

Deluxe Version Bonus Disc

1. We Sleep On Borrowed Time
2. Walk With Me
3. As Long as you Stick by Me
4. I Will Never Leave You (Demo)

Deluxe Version Remix Disc

1. Talking In Tones – Grumbling Fur & Tonal Nagual (Fur Star Liner Aquatic Ape Mix)
2. So Oh – Peaking Lights (Kick Down Remix)
3. Come Home Baby – Factory Floor (Nik Void Remix)
4. So – Brian Jonestown Massacre (Full Length Remix)


  1. god February 7, 2015

    “Don’t worry guys, even if our album isn’t received well we at least made some great, original cover art.”

  2. i like the beach February 7, 2015

    i like tha beach 2!

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