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HTRK / Body Lotion [2014]

[Label: Sleeperhold Publications | Cat#: SHP#5.4]
  1. Sugar (3:50)
  2. Punch (4:13)
  3. Body Lotion (3:25)


  1. gar December 30, 2014

    sexy vagina music

    • rag December 30, 2014

      Nothing sexy or vaginal about this, it’s just boring, droney shite

      • mirek January 1, 2015

        no u

  2. Dom GM December 30, 2014

    HTRK are fucking great. rag is drunk

  3. ,,, December 31, 2014

    this is great thanks

  4. narf December 31, 2014

    they really can’t go back to the group they used to be without sean but melancholy bleeps are ok too

    • dcw December 31, 2014

      These are leftovers from the Work (work work) album. Sean’s bass playing is on it too

  5. ljalsjfakjhf January 2, 2015

    i agree with rag, this sucks. sounds like some 30-somethings just stumbled across some chillwave-glitchy-retro-circuit-bent-tv music videos circa 2008 for the first time and decided to jump the gun before hitting their mid-life crises as a couple of failed artists by regurgitating it without adding anything new or inventive. just insipid unmoving washes of melody and really boring slowed-down-trap-music drum machine work, and some half-alseep vocals. trippy. happy 2015 everyone

    • Ridiculous January 2, 2015

      Description is too vivid a detail describing how author feels inside about himself, pure self hate over here, btw I have not listened to this yet but i will, thanks for your candid depiction of your failed self. This is clearly an inflammatory commentary aimed at these self absorbed critics who think anyone gives a fuck about their personal opinions on any album.

      • ljalsjfakjhf January 2, 2015

        wow, you seem fairly defensive over this, i’m sorry i somehow insulted you, and i’ll assume have a good point hidden in there somewhere beyond “your opinion sucks nobody cares” which completely defeats the purpose of saying anything in any comments section on the internet.

        • yep January 3, 2015

          just like ljalsjfakjhf, my baby is throwing her toys all over the floor

        • rag January 4, 2015

          it would appear that you and I are the only ones with any sense on this subject. There are some pretentious assholes who type some shite on here; Ridiculous’s comment being a shining example.
          Which ever way anyone cares to dress it up, the E.P is still utterly boring.
          Happy new year to you, ljalsjfakjhf :))

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