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How to Dress Well / “What Is This Heart?” Remixes [2014]

Domino Recording Co

1. Repeat Pleasure (A. G. Cook Remix) (3:32)
2. Words I Don’t Remember (The Range Remix) (3:57)
3. Very Best Friend (feat. Eva T) [Dubbel Dutch Remix] (3:51)
4. Precious Love (Cyril Hahn Remix) (4:36)


  1. Samy October 31, 2014

    A.G Cook remix is raw but so catchy, worth listening ->

    • you're a wizard harry November 2, 2014

      great production, just not feeling the melodies.
      I keep coming back to PC music and fail at getting into it every time. fml.

      • Samy November 3, 2014

        If you keep coming back it’s that you’re starting to get it maybe. Try to listen to the mix Sophie and Danny L Harle made for Rinse (starting from 1:03:25) I kept coming back to it once I’ve heard it. I think some of the people from PC Music have understood what should be and can be the music today; and they’re bringing a certain IDM to the dancefloors.

  2. some guy October 31, 2014

    pretty ill line-up hunh

  3. j November 5, 2014

    re-up please

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