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[Label: Sonido Inconsciente | Cat#: none]
  1. NIGHT SHADE (VERSUS) (14:17)
  2. SHADOW BALL (NOKIA) (8:58)
  4. DREAM EATER (AC-XENA) (6:58)
  5. GENGAR (OUTRO) (3:12)


  1. twat October 8, 2014


  2. nosebleed October 8, 2014


  3. AnalBleed October 8, 2014

    S I C K A R T

  4. kelleh October 8, 2014

    yeah, nice

  5. shawn October 9, 2014

    is this the same system error from back in the day that did the a;bum ‘nothing’ in 1997? if so thats cool

    • cas October 9, 2014

      No, this is from System Error, an analog techno duo from Mexico City, check them out at

      • alice glass is a talentless fucktard and i hope her "career" bombs October 9, 2014

        “analog techno” for fuck sake. if only you pretentious fuckers knew how many classic techno record were made using cheap DIGITAL gear.

        • O'Bud October 12, 2014

          Have you ever heard about Juan Atkins, Derick May, Regis or Luke Slater ? Fucktard

      • shawn October 9, 2014

        i gave it a listen, not too bad. not really my cup ot tea but if youre into techno im sure people would be into it. the other system error was idm, i think only released that one release. was really good, went back and listened to it recently. i was gettin my hopes up hehe. this isnt bad tho. thanks for the share nelson!

  6. cat October 9, 2014

    Loved their other album , LSDIOS, hopefully this will be just as great!
    Thanks nodata

  7. Kate Midley November 2, 2014

    I looovveeee this!!! thank you NODATA

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