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Croatian Amor / The Wild Palms [2014]

[Label: Posh Isolation | Cat#: Posh Isolation 133]
  1. The Madness Of Summer (5:29)
  2. Forever Wild Palms (4:51)
  3. There Is Always Tomorrow (4:49)
  4. Everything Must Go (4:53)
  5. Angels Of The Afternoon (6:40)
  6. Only The Strongest (3:23)


  1. Jakub August 25, 2014

    Dark ambient AND new age? Now I’m intrigued.

  2. thiob August 25, 2014

    ” ‘The Wild Palms’ is only obtainable through trade for a private, fully frontal nude self-portrait. Send a nude to Thewildpalms1989 @ together with your address and you will receive the album in the mail. To verify your-self portrait, we ask you to include the text “The Wild Palms” either written on your body or in some way present in your photo.”
    So, who sent a picture?

    • jjj August 26, 2014

      someone is getting my full frontals

  3. thiob August 25, 2014

    However, “we ask that you keep the recording private as well, the music is for you and is not meant to be shared with anyone, just as your photo will not be shared.” That’s too bad you shared it!

    • :o August 25, 2014

      okay… if this is your marketing strategy to make me dowload this then im sold…

  4. T August 25, 2014

    Sucks that this got leaked. :(

    • trigger warning August 26, 2014

      information wants to be free you pretentious dipshit

  5. vulture culture August 26, 2014

    Too bad this one leaked and appears now on all blogs. I didn”t participate in the project, so I won’t download it. Whoever shared ths in the first place should get his or her nude portrait posted all over the internet. And fuck your stupid “free information” dogma. This one was about initimacy and real subculture community like in the good ol’ days of TOPY et al

    • gar August 27, 2014

      It’s not at all surprising that you and others would believe that bullshit. It has nothing to do with intimacy, it’s marketing. Why not ask for pictures of people’s houses or their family? That’s intimate isn’t it? How about photos of as a child or passport photos or dirty laundry? Because none of those have the salacious or prurient appeal that gets blog space and social media distribution.

      Good gimmick though. Fooled the fuck out of a lot of people. Doesn’t change that this is worthless “music” for worthless listeners.

      • vulture culture August 27, 2014

        It’s good marketing because people would rather share photos of them in full frontal nudity than photos of their houses. Really?

        • gar August 27, 2014

          The marketing is in getting factmag or whoever the fuck to write about the release in the first place. It has nothing to do with whether a person will transmit cock & balls over the internet for a record not wholly dissimilar to the dozen other noise-drone-electro turds nodata drops every day.

          If you really can’t see that this is gimmick over “intimacy” then you’re a born shill.

  6. vulture culture August 29, 2014

    Before this gets too weird, I can see what you’re talking about. It’s a gimmick thing, very well. But if you’re talking marketing I don’t see the market in it. After all this stuff is still circulating in micro editions. Maybe you are just looking at this from an overtly economic perspective, which is perfectly ok with me and it’s a popular thing to do these days. But I don’t, I do have another perspective on things. Btw, I never said this would be a musical revelation, it’s probably like any other release on Posh Isolation, always looking for a spiritual junction with the 80ies industrial/post-punk cosmos but more often ending up in the awkward trendy idioms of today.

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