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Boris / Noise [2014]

[Label: Sargent House | Cat#: SH-120]
  1. Melody (6:39)
  2. Vanilla (4:15)
  3. Ghost of Romance (5:49)
  4. Heavy Rain (6:12)
  5. Taiyo no Baka (3:36)
  6. Angel (18:41)
  7. Quicksilver (9:50)
  8. Siesta (2:50)


  1. Megatech Body. CD., Ltd. June 14, 2014

    let’s give it a try

    PS : japanese cover is better

  2.!? June 14, 2014

    What is this 30 Seconds to Mars shit? Boris needs to stop keeping this style of production and song writing.

    • feedthecollapse June 14, 2014

      eh, I like it. They couldn’t keep doing the drone metal thing forever; especially since the two tracks closest to that style (Vanilla and Quicksilver) are easily the worst tracks on the album. I still don’t quite think it’s as good as it really could be, though.

  3. panes June 14, 2014

    Hard to top Praparat

    • feedthecollapse June 14, 2014

      they’ve have like half a dozen albums that do so.

      I’d say Noise is about on par with that album.

      • panes June 14, 2014

        Have to disagree, Praparat is one of my favourites by them. I was surprised to think so too at first, given my very favourites are Flood and Feedbacker.

        I was only talking in terms of recent albums anyway, Praparat was a rare good album in this inconsistent slump they’ve been in a for a while now.

        • feedthecollapse June 14, 2014

          “Praparat was a rare good album in this inconsistent slump they’ve been in a for a while now.”

          yeah, I can get behind that, especially since it seems like they promoted it far less than their last few albums. I don’t know if I would necessarily put it with their best, though.

  4. KzrDat June 17, 2014

    Nothing to do with

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