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Sandra Electronics / Sessions [2014]

Minimal Wave / MW053

A1 Her Needs (Version 1)
A2 A Man Has Responsibilities
A3 I Understand
A4 As Above, So Below
A5 Her Needs (Version 2)
B1 Here And Now (German Version)
B2 Clean Air
B3 Here And Now (English Version)
B4 I Understand (1999)
B5 A Man Has Responsibilities (1999)
B6 Her Needs (1999)


  1. plunorium fartz June 4, 2014

    if this wasnt regis would anyone like it?

  2. backwards n June 5, 2014

    yes, this is great. better than the 12″

  3. sebu June 5, 2014

    Sooo no more RG?

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